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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Time for some knitting content

I actually have been knitting quite a bit lately. The job hunt is taking longer than I would like, so I have to occupy myself with craftiness. Here's a hat I knitted recently.

Also I got my online shop going again (which is a long story). I just posted this hat in it today. I actually rarely put knitted items in my shop because I usually knit with a specific person (or me!) in mind.

Shameless plug:
I've added lots of new items, especially felted flower brooches!

<--- posing rather dorkily

This yarn is 100% cotton that I recycled from a white thrift store sweater. Then, I dyed it a beige and then pink. I call it 'Strawberry Fields'. I've been by the thrift store looking for a white wool sweater to unravel and dye with kool-aid like I've seen done on craftster (


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