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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


My awesome friend Amanda just opened here etsy store . I'm going to go ahead and brag for her because she is very creative and crafty!

Here is a unique bag made out of a vintage hankerchief:
(okay, I especially like this one because I gave it to her and I obviously have excellent taste...)

And here is a rockin' Elvis wallet:

She plans to add more fun stuff to her shop. I really like the style of her wallets because they are lined and sturdy, plus she has some serious surger-ing skills. Really you should just visit her shop for more pictures.

Oh, you don't know my friend Amanda...

Look I knitted her a pouch (same yarn as the hat below) and she is very excited. What did I say about my excellent taste? I bet you're thinking, wow Heather, you shamed her with a gift and she didn't even give you anything. Oh! But you would be mistaken! She presented me with this amazing piece of kitchenware:
Who are those lovely people on the plate? We don't know. But apparently I am SO excited I grew a double chin (seriously, I don't have a double chin in real life). If I had one of those sweet plate hangers, this dish would be on the wall. But alas, I do not. So I must save it for special times, like entertaining friends or when I'm in a really bad mood and I need a pick me up... I can look into those two smiling faces.


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