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Sunday, October 14, 2007

My lovely Wedding craftivities

Beautious Wedding Ring Pillow
Yarn: Laines Du Nord, Mulberry Silk (100% silk) oh yum! Size 7 needles.
No pattern used, I just made it up. I sewed in a green ribbon to act as a little handle. My 13 year old sister (and Junior Bridesmaid) carried it down the aisle in addition to her bouquet and gave it to the Justice of the peace with the time came. There is another green ribbon tied tightly through the middle.
Note: This is super-easy and special if you want to make it for your own wedding or as a gift to a bride!

Practicing the tie and untie!!

Good work Kasey! Doesn't the pillow and ribbon look lovely with the bridesmaid dresses and their jewelry!?

Me and my new husband! (for good measure!) Love him.
Simply beautiful centerpieces. Vases from Micheals with color-coordinated rocks and a beta-fish! At the end of the night they all found a new home!
I made lots of these, they were around the bar area, guestbook, and marriage-spot. I took the labels off of wine bottles (with a blowdryer), then etched images into the glass. Some of them had a ribbon around the neck that was attached by a wax 'B' stamp (from the invitations). People brought these home too! I bought the pretty flowers the morning of the wedding at a local grocery. I think this was a unique ~and inexpensive~ decoration.

Guestbook photo album. People signed all around pictures- baby pictures to the proposal.
The cake!! Professionally done. I'm not that crafty.

The best part of all was we had so much fun! And now we're married!

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At 5:22 PM, Blogger Knitaholicrex said...

Your wedding was super fun. You guys are so cute together!

At 4:05 AM, Anonymous Melantha said...

Good post.


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