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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Some of our friends from Oklahoma came to visit us this weekend. On Saturday we all got dressed up for a Halloween Party! Here we are as pissed off Bridesmaids. And we were even able to convince our friend Mike to be the Bride!! The thrift store near our place had a 'halloween' section and everything in it was 75% off! So our costumes were so cheap (and Ellen's was free!). The most amazing part is the fact that we found 3 dresses the same color that are totally early 90's. Also, we found matching fake flowers and white pumps.

My Chris had quite the creative costume himself. He was a bald eagle riding a cougar. You can't really see in the picture but he is wearing a sign 'these colors don't run and neither does my cougar'. I made his huge cougar! Caleb as a cutting doctor. Amanda got this idea to make a murderous cake. We wrote 'Have a Killer Party' around the side of the cake. We had a little too much fun making this cake! Amanda got a pack of off-brand Barbies and we got out some markers & watercolors. And she got red spray icing.
Close up of the entrails. Gross. Okay, I did that.


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