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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little Man Knitted Newborn Hat

I decided to make a newborn-sized hat for one of my preg-o coworkers. She is having a little boy and I wanted it to look more like a little version of an adult hat. I searched and searched and just couldn't find any pattern to my liking, so I made up my own!

And here is the result:
So, I'm super proud of myself for writing a pattern. And to share my joy, I will share it with you!! Hooray free patterns!!

Little Man Hat (for newly born people)

Yarn: I used Debblie Bliss Cathay. Cotton/Silk blend
Needles: Size 5 double pointed needles
CO 60 sts
Place 20 sts per needles
*k2, p2, rep from* for ribbing.
Join in the round and continue k2,p2 ribbing for 1 inch.
Next: Knit -continue knitting in the round for 3 inches. (now hat is 4'' total)
For Decrease:
*k2tog, k10, rep from*
next round: *k2tog, k9, rep from*
next round: *k2tog, k8, rep from*
next round: *k2tog, k7, rep from*
Continue decreasing until...
*k2tog, k1, rep from*
Now you have 10 sts remaining.
next round: k2tog 5 times
Draw yarn through remaing 5 sts and secure on inside of your adorable hat!!

Here's what the top will look like: swirly
Since I do not have any adorable newly born people in my home Mr. Matrioshka Doll will model for relative size (understand is head is much smaller than a baby human).
If you have any questions about my pattern, please feel free to ask. This is my first one to ever actually write out so it may not make sense.

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