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Friday, October 13, 2006

Other uses for the old NECK TIE

I came up with this fun idea last summer. I've sold several in my etsy shop, then I stopped making them for a mile. Well, I was in the mood again yesterday and whipped these up.
I really like to use one of these myself, because I'm not really about bulky wallets. Also my stepdad likes them! Apparently he was wearing holes in the seat of his pants from a bulky wallet, hehe. So when I have appropriately masculine wallet colors, I supply him. Obviously neck ties are for men, but its amazing how girly some are! Last year my mom got me tons of ties from a church garage sale, which was really fun. I also make flower brooches, by sewing the skinny tie ends together.

This is the only one I currently have because I've sold a few in my shop and given one as a gift. Obviously this takes six neck tie tips, so I like to wait until I have some complimentary colors.

And if you're wondering what I do with the long middle... straps for purses! If it works with the colors and all.


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