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Friday, March 09, 2007

Wine Cork Board

I've been collecting wine corks for several years now and my friend Amanda starting saving them for me too. And I finally made something with them!! I bought 2 regular square frames at IKEA ($7 each, I think). I pushed the back board of the frame back a little so that the corks would be level with the frame. Then out came my prized glue gun and TAH-DAH! Each of these frames has 49 corks- they are actually a combination of wine and beer corks. I am really pleased with they way they came out. They are hanging in our kitchen above the bar. Don't think this means that I'm not still collecting corks!!

Okay and leaving the wonderful world of home decor...

Chris and I visited out friends in Oklahoma a few weekends back. Amanda had the brillant idea to paint on canvas shoes- so freaking fun!
Here we are the beginning of the night- drinks start flowing...
Amanda had some sweet converse that needed a little pirate flare. I wanting in on the fun so we went to Wal-Mart and I bought these canvas shoes with a heel.

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