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Sunday, November 18, 2007

WIPs & New Charity Knit Project

WIP#1: Minimalist Cardigan

The last sleeve!! This whole project is done in moss stitch, which is beautiful yet tedious. I have found reasons to knit many smaller projects in between. But now I'm on my last sleeve, I must. finish. soon.

WIP#2: Chris v. 2007
I make my husband a winter hat every year (I think he decided this) and every year the hat is a little different and shows my progress as a knitter. Chris picks out his own color every year and is surprising particular about it.

This year he chose a crayola green. Its really pretty and varigated, and its all ribbed. I will share the pattern after it is finished. I also think I should show the progress in Chris Winter Hats, that would be neat.

AND now onto my new charity knit project:

I will be knitting Warm Up America blankets for Hope's Door Women's Shelter and I will need help. If you are not familiar with Warm Up America, please visit their website for more information. Basically, you knit (or crochet) 7'' x 9'' squares to donate and they are assembled into blankets for people in need. Receiving a donated blanket is more than just keeping warm, its knowing someone cares. I think this is a great idea. I am going to knit, collect, and assemble the squares into blankets and deliver to the women's shelter.

Please help me out!!

Knitting & Crocheting patterns can be found here. Or you can make up your own.

I don't have any color restictions. Baby colors are welcome, as I will be making smaller baby blankets for new moms and toddlers.

If you are interested in participating please email me at: heather1082 AT hotmail DOT com. Title the email: warm up america.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Little Man Knitted Newborn Hat

I decided to make a newborn-sized hat for one of my preg-o coworkers. She is having a little boy and I wanted it to look more like a little version of an adult hat. I searched and searched and just couldn't find any pattern to my liking, so I made up my own!

And here is the result:
So, I'm super proud of myself for writing a pattern. And to share my joy, I will share it with you!! Hooray free patterns!!

Little Man Hat (for newly born people)

Yarn: I used Debblie Bliss Cathay. Cotton/Silk blend
Needles: Size 5 double pointed needles
CO 60 sts
Place 20 sts per needles
*k2, p2, rep from* for ribbing.
Join in the round and continue k2,p2 ribbing for 1 inch.
Next: Knit -continue knitting in the round for 3 inches. (now hat is 4'' total)
For Decrease:
*k2tog, k10, rep from*
next round: *k2tog, k9, rep from*
next round: *k2tog, k8, rep from*
next round: *k2tog, k7, rep from*
Continue decreasing until...
*k2tog, k1, rep from*
Now you have 10 sts remaining.
next round: k2tog 5 times
Draw yarn through remaing 5 sts and secure on inside of your adorable hat!!

Here's what the top will look like: swirly
Since I do not have any adorable newly born people in my home Mr. Matrioshka Doll will model for relative size (understand is head is much smaller than a baby human).
If you have any questions about my pattern, please feel free to ask. This is my first one to ever actually write out so it may not make sense.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Okay, I realize that halloween is now past but, I want to share with you my knitted pumpkin. Thanks to curly purly's pattern! This was a really fun knit in-da-round, quickly finished in one day. The stem and leaves are scraps from felted sweaters. I plan to continue to display my pumpkin friend until Thanksgiving, thankyouverymuch.

I couple of weekends ago my friend Cyndi visited and we visited my LYS- Woolie Ewe. She bought all kinds of pretty yarn for a sweater vest. And I bought a book for a very pregnant friend & yarn to make her soon-to-be little girl this Baby Pixie Hat. Check out the pattern to see what the hat looks like on!

My preg-friend Ellis is knitting this adorable little pea-coat (pictured above) but the book wasn't in her project budget, so it made a great gift. I made a little lace-button bookmark to the page of the pattern she's working on. Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss is actually full of adorable baby/toddler projects. I actually wanted to get myself on too, even though I do not have a bun in the oven. I really hope the pixie hat fits new-born Vera!!
By the way, the pixie hat knit up in one evening!!
Coming soon: Progress on Interweave Knit Fall 07 Minimalist Cardigan. I'm done with the back, right front, and almost left front! Sleeve to go...