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Sunday, June 27, 2010

my new watering can

I had this laundry detergent bottle I have been hanging onto for some kind of craftiness. And I finally got around to doing something useful with it!

Clever Recycled Watering Can

Supplies needed:
Empty laundry detergent bottle
Painters tap
Spray paint
First I made sure to rinse it out thoroughly. (check out my radishes and bell pepper plant in the background)
After deciding to repurpose the container into a watering can (which I don't own) I decided it needed to be pretti-fied. I just cut leaf and floral shapes out of standard painters tape and stuck it on in a pleasing design. This is very easy and you can always move the pieces around a bit to get the design just how you want it. I spray painted brown, a color I had lying around, and peeled off the stickers when it dried.

To make the pour apparatus I punctured some holes with a hammer and nail. Again, very easy.

I like the fill line on the back, so I kept that.
Ta-dah!! I really use this all the time now. And I pretend like my plants appreciate getting watered in style.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Recent projects

So, actually I've made many a thing since I last posted. But I feel in the mood to post again so I'll just share a couple of recent projects.I'm pretty proud of this homespun pillow. This homespun yarn was something I started, then forgot about for like a year then came back with renewed interest. Hooray for not total abandonment! I got the pillow at Hobby Lobby and sewed the knitted piece on. I love the colors of this yarn (which is merino wool, ooo fancy). Multicolored yarns are more fun to spin because you don't know how it will look knitted up until you actually do it.

Frida also appreciates how this pillow really classes up the chair. She also enjoys that it really brings out her kitty eyes.

Another little project is baby sized. This is a soaker pattern, free on ravelry. Love me some free patterns. This is the first time that I did a nice clean kitchener stitch & I'm pretty proud of myself. It finally clicked for me, so now I won't avoid patterns with the kitchener anymore. This was a fun quick knit and I will definitely be knitting more. Its especially good for using up bits of wool in my stash.

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