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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Finished Hew!

I actually finished this last weekend. I apparently did something wrong around the back neckline causing it to be baggy, but worry-not I fixed it. I'm not really into ripping out stitches once it is finished. I just folded in on the shoulders and sew that in. That probably makes not sense but- I think it is respectable looking. I actually wore this little combo to work, although with dress pants- not jeans. And I totally got an unsolicited comment from someone who assumed it was store bought!

Going for a little walk in downtown Plano, to buy some wine! Here are some back shots. As you can see the back neckline is still a little on the baggy side. But on the whole I love it! Its also really cute over little summer dresses! And the Elisebeth Lavold Silky Wool is not itchy on my shoulders, definately a plus.
The color I chose is very similar to Canary Knits original, although I used a thinner yarn. Summers in Texas are rather warm so I need something lighter.

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