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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Some of our friends from Oklahoma came to visit us this weekend. On Saturday we all got dressed up for a Halloween Party! Here we are as pissed off Bridesmaids. And we were even able to convince our friend Mike to be the Bride!! The thrift store near our place had a 'halloween' section and everything in it was 75% off! So our costumes were so cheap (and Ellen's was free!). The most amazing part is the fact that we found 3 dresses the same color that are totally early 90's. Also, we found matching fake flowers and white pumps.

My Chris had quite the creative costume himself. He was a bald eagle riding a cougar. You can't really see in the picture but he is wearing a sign 'these colors don't run and neither does my cougar'. I made his huge cougar! Caleb as a cutting doctor. Amanda got this idea to make a murderous cake. We wrote 'Have a Killer Party' around the side of the cake. We had a little too much fun making this cake! Amanda got a pack of off-brand Barbies and we got out some markers & watercolors. And she got red spray icing.
Close up of the entrails. Gross. Okay, I did that.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Loveliness

I scored some awesome ties at the thrift store recently. And I figured out how to make tie belts with D-rings. Which isn't that hard, but I didn't get it immediately. So, now I need to buy more D-rings!

MATCHING!! Wallet & Belt

Some random pouches I like to make out of the sleeves of felted sweaters.

Monday, October 23, 2006


This weekend Chris and I got a pumpkin from the Farmer's Market down the street. We had lots of fun designing and carving it! We actually spent a long time trying to design the face.
When I was working on the pumpkin for a while, Chris carved a green apple! haha. It's actually pretty awesome. Apple jack-o-lantern is friends with big pumpkin one.

Action shot: In our hallway to entertain our neighbors. I enjoy his large nostrils.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Birthday present from an AWESOME friend!

I had a birthday recently and I received a gift today from my friend Kirsten! I've known Kirs since the 8th grade, ya'll. That is a long time. SHE is the one that taught me to knit almost 3 years ago. So, obviously, she is extremely cool.
She sent me beautiful blue (my favorite color!) yarn and size 15 needles! Somehow she magically knew I didn't have size 15 needles. She probably activated stealth mode, she's known for doing that.
It looks like yummy cotton candy and I want to eat it. But I probably won't. I think I will make myself a scarf with it. Its our first actually cold day here in Texas, so I'm thinking of scarves.

Okay I found this picture of Kirs and myself. Its kinda goofy, but that's how we roll.

On another note, I had my second interview with a hospital in Dallas today. I feel it went pretty well. But I never really know with interviews.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Other uses for the old NECK TIE

I came up with this fun idea last summer. I've sold several in my etsy shop, then I stopped making them for a mile. Well, I was in the mood again yesterday and whipped these up.
I really like to use one of these myself, because I'm not really about bulky wallets. Also my stepdad likes them! Apparently he was wearing holes in the seat of his pants from a bulky wallet, hehe. So when I have appropriately masculine wallet colors, I supply him. Obviously neck ties are for men, but its amazing how girly some are! Last year my mom got me tons of ties from a church garage sale, which was really fun. I also make flower brooches, by sewing the skinny tie ends together.

This is the only one I currently have because I've sold a few in my shop and given one as a gift. Obviously this takes six neck tie tips, so I like to wait until I have some complimentary colors.

And if you're wondering what I do with the long middle... straps for purses! If it works with the colors and all.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Okay so, I'm obsessed with fiber. It is the body's natural scrub brush, and therefore my favorite nutritional topic! For all of you unfamiliar with a brand called Kashi, it is a yummy line of fiber rich foods. Currently they are offering a free sample: kashi

And I encourage you to check it out. I just ordered one myself. It is a 'does it taste like cardboard or not' survey! Which is funny.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Etsy friends (from real life)

Another person who I'm pretty sure I turned on to etsy! And she has the cutest shop! check it out:

Here is an adorable hat she crocheted! She has tons of cute knitted & crocheted creations in her shop plus very reasonable prices. I really like this whale pouch.

Also she has her own blog now: And I'm loving her popsicle scarf.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still job-less...

I've had two job interviews in the last two weeks and I am waiting patiently (ok, not really patient) to hear back from them. I need a real job!

But I've been having 'much success' with my etsy shop. I decided to make a Brooch of the Month Club offer in my shop. I haven't had anyone go for it yet, but I think its a fun idea.

Because flower brooches are just a happy thing to get in the mail. Also I made this purse recently for my shop, and I think its pretty sweet.

I asked Chris what he thought of it when I finished and he said 'eh- you've done better'. What a sweet-heart, haha. And then it sold the first day I posted it so, booyah to Chris.