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Sunday, April 20, 2008

More baby stuff

I just found out the our friends Dave & Tiffany are having a baby boy. I've been awaiting this announcement because I really wanted to make gender appropriate gifts. I had already embroidered a onesie with a guitar, because I knew either way it'd be a hit with them. So today I did another sublime stitching pattern.I plan on making some more, not exactly sure what other designs yet. So then I really needed to make a trip to Micheal's to get some yarn for a blanket.
So I'm really close to finishing Hew and I am not going to start the blanket until I'm finished with that. But obviously that doesn't stop me from buying for the project. Also it was an excuse to buy needles- Bamboo Size 8, 29'' circulars. I'm excited about using the cotton ease for the project because its really soft. And I think baby blankets should be machine wash & dryable, because come on what new mom is going to handwash and hang dry a blanket every time junior spits up all over it.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More Warm Up America Squares!

Thanks to a random act of kindness from a craftster member, we now have 14 more squares! I received them in the mail today. They were packaged in cute little rolls tied in bows.
Of course I had to unroll them to appreciate all the different stitch patterns. She knits and crochets so there is quite the variety. She did a few in seed stitch, which I love the look of.
Now that I've built up quite a few, I've decided to put them in box to keep the clutter down and protect them from dust and cat. (Frida is very sneaky).
There are now 38 total squares (49 is considered a complete blanket). More are always welcome! I really appreciate the help I've had so far: 38 different squares made from 3 lovely ladies in 3 different states.
On a side note, I had an exhausting day at work and it really made my day to open this package.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hew & Springtime

I am currently working on Hew by Canary Knits and the pattern is free too! She posts a new knitted item every few days it seems, many which she has designed herself. I fell in love with Hew when I saw it posted on Here's my progress so far: back

The yarn: elsebeth lavold- silky wool. 65% wool 35% silk

Love this stuff it is soo soft and light. Using size 6 circular needles, 24'' . This is a top down raglan, which is my first time to try and its pretty fun actually. I hope it comes out wearable! A garter ribbed neckline will be added on last.

Also on this lovely Sunday, Chris and I went shopping and bought some plants for our balcony. We use alot of fresh basil in our cooking so we bought; sweet basil, cilantro, lavender, and some flowers for our flower box.